How to see the real costs in the Profit / Lost report

I have some activity that I organize.
So I made costs to organize this and the people that join pay some amount.
Now the amount that people pay is always lower then the costs.

Is there a way I can group the income and the costs in the profit/lost report
So it looks like this ;

Income activity
costs activity
Real costs : income - costs

What you ask is exactly what the Profit and Loss Statement provides. Accounting terminology is somewhat different. Income is income. Costs are usually referred to as expenses. What you call real costs is net profit or loss.

Of course, if customers always pay less than the expenses of running your company, you will soon be out of business. If you are keeping accounts for some other type of activity, you need other sources of income, which might be charitable contributions from yourself or others. Accounting practices for such non-profit organizations are fairly specialized, although Manager will certainly handle them.

Thanks, but this is not what I mean.
On the profit and loss the income of a activity is on the profit side and the costs are on the costs side.

What I mean is that both are on the costs side and there the real costs are displayed like I try to let you see on my question.

So on the costs side of the profit there is :

Telehone costs-------------------------- 200
Paid amounts activity— 800
costs activity ------------ 1000
Activity------------------------------------ 200

Total costs------------------------------- 400

What you are showing is not like any accounting structure I have seen. You may be able to do what you want by customizing your chart of accounts under Settings. Tracking codes may also be useful. See the Guides at

You have two options:
a) You could allocate the Activity Income account as an expense type then group them with a subtotal, or
b) Set the activity up as a separate group within the P&L
Net Profit before Activity
Net Profit after Activity

@Brucanna oke, but then I have to think about that the income account must be negative when I enter the amount, ?


I have seen it on some expensive accounting systems in the Netherlands but then for inventory and the write off.
Some companies like to see the real value of the inventory on the balance instead of the write off on one side and the value that it costs when buyed on the other side.

No you don’t, just enter every transaction as normal. The location of the activity income account has changed not the transactions within that account. When you deposit money, debit bank - credit activity income, that credit entry doesn’t change because the income account has been re-allocated from P&L income to P&L expenses, but the income account balance on the P&L will be displayed as negative - see following example:

I see now almost as I want it.

Can I make also a custum P/L report and if so, where can I find out how to do this ?

You cannot currently do that. But the P&L Statement will respond to changes in your chart of accounts, including grouping and account code order.

Pity. But this problem is solved.