Question about Report P&L (Actual vs Budget)

There is a possible bug in the Profit and Loss Statement (Actual vs Budget) report. The total budget adds all accounts rather than subtracts expenses from income. Just create a report and you will be able to replicate this. Although it shows the “Less…” in brackets it increases the total budgeted “Income…”

Tested on Manager v21.6.6 Server (Ubuntu 20.04) and Desktop.

You have enter expenses as negative in the Budget report

I did not enter them as negatives. I entered them as positives as it says “Less”. However, I get your point and will enter them as negatives.

UPDATE: So when entering budget data be aware that when entering income you should as usually enter a positive number and for any cost and expense line enter the budget line as a negative (-) for it to work.

This is explained clearly in the guide. Create a budget

As always, reading the guides will provide answers to most of your questions quickly and more efficiently than asking a question in the forum

You are right @Joe91, should have done my homework before posting as it is clearly articulated in the guides. Apologies to all.