How to Record Income Without Sales Invoice

Sorry, being naive here, but would like to know that how can we record income without sales invoices to be generated and that income is also considered as taxable.

Detailed Explanation:

I provide services and there is no need for generating tax invoices / sales invoices however the income I receive will be taxable at the end of the year as the income comes straight to my bank account.

Therefore I need to know the method or how shall I record the income in Manager which also generate the BAS statements every quarter.

If you have not yet set the Tax Codes go to Settings, select Tax Codes and create a New Tax Code by selecting in-built tax codes. See Guides -

Next go to Settings, select Chart of Accounts and create an Income Account that describes your services and set the default tax code. See Guides -

When entering your bank transactions manually or by importing from on-line banking you classify each receipt for services rendered to the new Income Account. This allocates the receipt to the income account correctly for income tax purposes and assigns GST to the receipt for the preparation of your BAS.

Under Reports use the GST Calculation Worksheet to prepare the BAS and the Tax Audit to ensure GST has been correctly allocated to income, expenses and capital purchases. Totals in the Tax Audit report are clickable to drill down to individual transactions.

I think come to cash account and click receive money button. Then chose account sale where your money come from…

My query is along the same grounds but involves spending money to purchase assets:
I wish tio jjournal the purchase of an asset
This would normally be done as:
Debit asset account and credit bank account

I went to journal:
I debited fixtures & Fittings
I went to credit Cash at Bank (a bank account I set up under bank accounts) BUT there was no bank account to offset it against.

I then setup another bank account (Cash at Bank) under assets to allow me to finalise this, however, now all sales and expenses have been using one bank account and the journal entries are using another which is not what I wanted.

Please advise why the bank account to which sales go into and expenses come out of does not show up when doing journals?

Thank you

All transactions involving money going into or out of the business must be entered in the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs. You cannot do either with a journal entry.

Thank you, easy when you know how:-)

Much appreciated.