How to print transactions

To my surprise I cannot print cash account transactions (full pages) nor print general ledger transactions pages.

You need to provide more specific information about your system and what you are doing.

I would like to do the same thing - or have the ability to ‘reconcile’ my cash account. I’m ending my first year using Manager and find that my cash account is off. Not sure when that happened. I’d like to go back through the year and verify that the ins and outs all match to see if I can find what went wrong. My bank statements all balance so it’s a matter of figuring out what happened in the cash account (perhaps recording in a sale?) that went wrong. Having a print out to mark things off as I go would be of great help. Even an export option would be useful.
I’ve tried looking at making a custom report but can’t get individual transactions to show for a cash account.

OK - figured out how to export it to Excel but will now need to go through and separate transactions in + and - columns for comparison purposes. I’m surprised the export doesn’t keep those in separate columns!


@KrisK, just create a General Ledger Transactions report for the desired time period and select the Cash on hand account. You will get a list of debits and credits.

Makes sense - i was looking in the Cash Accounts report area and trying to use the Custom Reports which appear to be very limited.


Actually, custom reports are, in many ways, almost unlimited. They are just hard to use because their method of construction is so literal and the variables are undocumented.

Do you think anyone will ever make the ‘undocumented variables’ documented? they aren’t much help if one doesn’t know how to use them! Is there some back end way of finding them out?


The answers to your two questions are:

  • I don’t know. “Anyone” would have to be the developer.
  • No.

Meanwhile, the built-in report I mentioned gives you what you said you want.