How to move already-entered check to uncleared payments account?

I do not understand how to move a check to uncleared payments when manually reconciling. I have already entered two checks, which are linked as payments to entries in purchase invoices. Do I have to re-enter all of that information as an entry in the uncleared payments column, then delete the original entry, or is there a way to simply mark the checks as uncleared?


@lubos, is this feature in the queue, or should I start figuring out a workaround?

This is something to be implemented soon (most likely before end of this month). Do not delete original uncleared payment though.

For the time being, when in bank reconciliation context, you need to click Spend money to enter new transaction.

Categorize this new transaction to Uncleared payments account, then select the uncleared cheque. This will create new transaction under Statement balance column (since it’s now cleared) and at the same time it will mark original uncleared payment as cleared.

So it’s a bit manual process. That’s why in future, you will be able to just click the Clear button and Manager will create this transaction automatically.

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Excellent. This feature is what I too need!

Thanks, lubos!