Clearing uncleared checks

Ive been reading with interest the new feature of being able to log uncleared items - which I think is a great feature. It gets really messy for me when it comes to reconciling our bank accounts and I end up having to not log the uncleared payments. I’m basically not logging any receipts or transactions until the end of the month when I have my bank statement and am able to reconcile items which have cleared. Which leaves with me with a stack of items that I am still waiting to clear (which will appear on next months statement).

So to be able to log any uncleared payments is a plus. What I’ve not been able to figure out is how to clear those payments off when they have actually cleared. I’m not sure if there is a solution for this or not yet - if there is can you point me in the right direction as to where. And if there isn’t do you know if there will be and when?

Thank you!

Never mind I’ve figured it out… but when clearing off these uncleared checks I need them to be allocated to the category type, such as toll charges or car payment etc? is it possible to do that?

When you issue the cheque (i.e. enter the ‘uncleared’ payment) you will Dr toll charges/car payment expense at that time with the offsetting Cr going to the uncleared payments account. So the expense is recorded there and then.

When the payment clears and you reconcile to the bank the clearing entry simply moves it from uncleared to bank , i.e Dr uncleared payments / Cr Bank.

i.e. no need for the clearing to be allocated by category, you already did that when you issued the cheque.

Perfect thank you! I just love this application, it keeps getting better and better :slight_smile: