Reconciling payments from previous FY when migrating

We are migrating from another system to Manager. The start date is June 1st.

How do I handle the cheques that were written at the end of May (last FY, another accounting system) with the Bank Account in Manager (new FY, new accounting system)?


Just enter those cheques under Uncleared payments column in Bank accounts tab.

If those cheques are dated before your start date, then they should be treated as opening balances.


And once the cheques clear what do I do? I tried to reconcile. It showed a difference in the “net movement” but no transactions I could do anything with.

(ever think of making a user manual?)

The reference guide is still work in progress.

Also ability to enter uncleared bank transactions is relatively new feature and not quite finished yet from usability point of view.

If you are reconciling and can’t reconcile a day because the cheque is missing, click Spend money button during reconciliation and enter the missing bank statement transaction. The key is when entering bank statement transaction is to categorize the payment to Uncleared payments account, then select the cheque which has been presented.

This will allow you to reconcile the bank account and at the same time it will clear the cheque.

In future, bank reconciliation screen will offer you to simply mark the cheque as presented on that day without manually creating bank statement transaction (Manager will create that bank statement transaction automatically)

Yup… this part needs a bit of polish.

The workflow doesn’t work for me. Must be missing something. Consolidating your two responses (assuming June 1st FY) and simple one cheque example:

  1. 30 MAY : write a check $1000

  2. To enter as liability (AP),

  • click Uncleared column in Bank Accounts.
  • Enter net amount plus allocate the $1000 to various expense accounts
    (note that “uncleared payments” is not a possible option here)
  1. Wait for time to pass…

  2. 5 JUNE : internet banking shows cheque cleared

  • Go to Bank Accounts > Reconcile
  • Enter 5 June and the balance on that day
  • Click spend money, enter $1000 under uncleared payments

Doing that still shows the original cheque as uncleared when clicking on the Uncleared Items column of the bank account tab…

There was a bug which I now fixed. Unpresented cheques dated before start date weren’t accounted as opening balances. They are now in the latest version.

When you allocate $1000 to Uncleared payments, make sure to select cheque number in the field next to it. That will mark the unpresented chequed as cleared.