How to mark warranty claims

i use this software for a consumer electronics shop. how to mark the products that i receive during company warranty period .

You need to provide more information about what you do with those products. “Marking” products has nothing to do with accounting. Do you repair them? Replace them? Throw them away? Send them back to your supplier? Do you refund money?

If it is out of warranty period werepair them? If suppliers warranty available we Send them back to supplier.
On some occasion we Do you refund money?

I am sorry, but that is not enough information.

  • Out of warranty period (although this is not what you originally asked about): What happens to the product? Do you keep it or return it to the customer? If you send it back, do you charge the customer for the repair? Do you intend to keep track of repair costs? Is there ever a refund to the customer?

  • Supplier’s warranty available: Do you send the customer a different product? Do you refund money? Does the supplier refund money to you? Does the supplier send you another unit?

There are at least half a dozen scenarios possible here, possibly more. You need to furnish complete details, not cryptic answers.

Manager does not track individual items and serial number. It tracks accounting transactions.

You need to describe your shop on terms of money transactions, things you pay for, things you are paid for, when you accumulate an assets, and when you dispose of an asset. All these things can be entered into Manager.

So when a a faulty item comes in to your shop, you decide what action you will take. If there is an accounting implication that is then entered into Manager. For example

  • repair charged to customer
  • repair charged to supplier
  • replacement with cost of supply charged to supplier
  • sale of different item to customer and possible change to dispose or trade in of old item
  • etc