How to log payments to customer without allocating to invoice?

Is it possible to receive payments from a customer into their account without allocating it to an invoice?

The only options for allocation I saw was a “Automatic” or a specific invoice.

I made a temporary workaround by creating a $0 invoice in year 2000 and I allocate to that as a holder. Then I have to view the invoice to see what payments are made to it (the invoice unfortunately stays at 0 instead of negative.)

This is for receiving payments from tenants which are allocated to lease terms rather than time - like, in order 1)outstanding fees, 2)repairs, 3)utilities, 4)other charges, and 5)then finally rent. Sometimes tenants make payments before invoices are even generated because we haven’t gotten the repair bills so allocating to oldest rent due would be out of order.

I’m used to QB where each payment and invoice had open balances until they were fully allocated and it was a good way to see what invoices weren’t fully paid or payments not yet fully allocated.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Andrew_Vanis,

It’s just a different setup than QB. It’s basically a tradeoff between fine control and robustness of reports.

The guides provide a solution to those who don’t want their receipts to be automatically allocated by using Special Accounts. Avoid automatic credit allocations with special accounts | Manager

I personally use Automatic allocation for all my clients whenever there’s no legal obligation to accept customer allocation. This is much easier, much less work and much easier to explain in disputes instead of going into irrelevant allocation details.

However, in case allocation legally matters – i.e. multiple agreements per customer, I find it more useful to have a separate account for each agreement. Even here I find that specific allocation is not required.

I hope this helps