How to hide Account column?

This column was not appearing before the update

and if I set line discription it shows like this:

Account column will show if one or more line items do not have Item or Line Description set.

So if you want Account column hidden, ensure each line item has either Item or Description filled out.

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I have Description filled out in the second image and it still shows. This is my edit screen:

I can tick Legacy Layout on invoices but not in credit/debt notes.

edit: I had it backwards.

What do you mean? In your second screen shot, there is no Account column. Instead, you have the Description column.

That is by design. The legacy layout is a temporary feature while many aspects of sales invoices are being adjusted. It will soon disappear.

True, but I still have two columns. In legacy layout they become one column.

I see thanks for the warning I shouldn’t depend on it then.

You can still achieve that in new layout.

Go to edit your item and check Hide item name on printed documents option on your item.


This will prevent item name from showing on your invoice. Then only Description will remain.

I did it according to your suggestion. It is one column now but I am missing the item name

and this is my edit screen legacy layout is unticked.

You have two options.

  1. Uncheck Hide item name on printed documents on item and then create new non-inventory item called Donations and use it on your credit note. This will have both line items Item column set and Account column won’t show.
  2. Or you can check Column - Description checkbox on credit note. Make sure both lines have Description on line item filled out and Account column won’t show again.

The second option works but I need to copy item name to line description for every item.
Not to mention it will cause problems with my custom theme where I hide the item name column and use a custom field for traslating item name in another language.
I don’t now the mind set behind this but I feel like this makes the program harder instead of making it easier to use. The old layout was more convenient since it was auto combining the two columns into one. This is just my feedback others might have a different take on this.

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