"Accounts" column disappears when using "Descriptions"

I have version

When viewing a Receipt Form where the Column Description box has been checked and the Description Field for all listed line items have a value, meaning they are not empty, the Account Field for all listed line items disappears. When I clear the Description Field of any one of the line items, all line items are shown with their descriptions. When I add something to the empty description field so all line items have a description, the Account field column will again disappear.

I have only seen this behavior on the Receipt form. I have not tested it on any other form.

This may be a bug.

No, this is by design so no line item appears without identification of some kind.

I don’t understand why the system would allow the creation of a receipt without an account column, controlled only by the absence or presence of descriptions as shown in these screen shots.
Receipt 1
Receipt 2
Sometimes I don’t need a description on every line.
I can get the functionality I need by un-checking the Column Description box and assigning a Custom Field to the receipt form - then all line items have their Account Column displayed even if there is no content in the Custom Field.

Thank you Tut for your usual fast response!

Because most users don’t want to show their internal account structure to suppliers or customers. It’s none of their business.

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Hmmm … That makes sense - however the way the column visibility is controlled through the checkbox and the absence of even one description in a list of receipt items does not. If the intent is to hide the accounts then a checkbox “hide accounts (when all line items have descriptions)” is more intuitive than checking the Column Description box and making certain all line items have a description. Controlling this feature seems inconsistent with the directly intuitive user interface implemented through out the application.

I have a way to meet my needs by using a Custom Field so I’m not complaining - just offering a heads up for a second-look at functionality that may be perfect as implemented or possibly made clearer.

Thanks again for your fast responses Tut.