How to get the total GST collected in a period of time

We have GST in our country (what we called CT (Commercial Tax) 5%), when we print invoice it is Ok, for example, we sold 100$, and the system adds and shows “CT 5%”=5$ separate and total bill amount is 105$.
But when we print out “report for tax” collected, it shows Sale=105$, and CT (Tax)= 5.25$, the system make calculation again upon total sales value of Invoice.
But we need is the report of CT(GST), what we actually collected. i.e. 5$
How can we do it?

Are you using custom tax code? Can you show a screenshot how did you set up this custom tax code?

I am not sure what you are reporting. But if I use the built-in tax code for Myanmar (CT 5%), and your numbers on a sales invoice:


I get the following on the Tax Transactions report:


and this for the Tax Summary report:


I don’t see your reported recalculation anywhere.

The only way to have inconsistency between what’s on invoice and what’s on tax report is to use Flat rate tax code.

Dear TUT
thank you for your help, but i still get the wrong figure .
Please kindly see the screenshot and please kindly advise which is wrong in my setting.Invoice%20sample%20 tax%20summary%20report tax%20transection%20report

To begin withe, you are not using the built-in CT 5% tax code. Why not? It was added last year as a result of your inquiry.

As @lubos suggested, you have defined a custom code, so you need to show the edit screen for that code. Is this custom tax code possibly an attempt to accommodate Myanmar’s special goods tax?

Dear Tut
yes i am using the built-in CT % tax code.
Yes this is for Myanmar, but now they don’t call spacialtax%20code goods tax, they call, CT (commercial tax). 5%.
Pls see the screenshot.

Uncheck Flat rate option. That will fix your issue.

Flat rate is a special tax scheme which doesn’t apply to you.

Dear lubos
Got it. Thanks a lot.
My problem solved.

No, you are using a custom code. You select the built-in code like this:


and it would show on invoices as CT 5% rather than your self-created CT. That is how I knew you were using a custom code.

Read your own law, which you linked to in one of the threads I quoted above. Special goods tax is imposed in Myanmar on top of Commercial Tax. Rates vary by commodity. For those, you need a custom, compound tax code.

Thank you, i will change to it.

as new regulation, we don’t need to collect CT 5%, upon the medicine,
the rest commodity or service, rental all has to add 5% CT.