Commercial Tax after or before

i like to hear advise from the forum members around the world.
Which format A or B, for Invoice with CT (commercial tax).

In our country (Myanmar) when printing invoice, there is 2 way for mentioning CT (5%).

  1. Format A
    a. Item price is no commercial tax 5% is added.
    b. The total is calculated.
    c. commercial Tax 5% is calculated the total
    d. Mention calculated commercial tax.
    e. Grand total showing the Value (Total + commercial tax).

  2. Format B
    a. The unit price of item is already add 5% commercial tax.
    b. The total is calculated.
    c. Grand total is mentioned.
    d. After grand total, that 5% tax`is mention. (“amount are tax inclusive”).

Some says that format B is more prefer by the customers, because they know how much the have to pay (A unit price with 5% commercial tax.).
Please let me knwo which one is more preferable.

Neither is better than the other unless one is required by law. Where both options are allowed, the choice is a personal one. Often, small items, especially prepared food and drinks, are quoted with tax included to simplify making change. More expensive items are usually quoted without tax to make them seem more affordable.

Whichever option is selected, the choice is usually applied across all sales to prevent errors.

Thanks a lot. Your answer helps me a lot for my decision.