Myanmar Commercial Tax/ Sales Tax

In Myanmar all sales has to collect 5% CT (Commercial Tax), same as GST, or VAT.
And we have about more than 400 Items in our inventory.
If we put 5% each and every item in inventory it will take time.
Is there any way, we can make default CT 5%, one time only and , when issue sales order or sales invoice, it will calculate Commercial Tax 5%, automatically and add 5%, to Sales Order & Sales Invoices.

do you have to collect CT alone or CT + GST ?

if it is only CT you can set the default tax code for the inventory item. this tax code will be automatically shown when this inventory item is selected on any form.

for batch update of inventory items with the same tax codes, first edit one inventory item by selecting the correct tax code.
then click on the Batch Update button at the bottom right corner of inventory list.
copy the data shown to an excel sheet.
now copy the exact data shown under the TaxCode column of the inventory item you updated and paste it for the other inventory items.
now copy the whole data and paste it back to Manager in the field allocated and update.

read the below guide regarding batch operations.

It looks like @lubos might need to add Myanmar’s tax code to the in-built list.

@melvin, can you provide a link to official documentation about the commercial tax?

dear sharpdrivetek, Thank you for your guidance.
we only have Ct (Commercial Tax) 5%, we dont have GST nor VAT.

Dear Tut,
You can study Myanmar Commercial Tax law and other taxation about Myanmar in that page:

Chapter II, Section 4a, says the CT is paid by the producer, service provider, or importer. These things are not clear:

  1. Is the tax added to invoices and collected by the seller from the customer, then remitted to the government?
  2. Is the tax cumulative at various stages of production? In other words, If A buys raw timber from B, then uses the timber to build furniture sold to C, who operates a retail shop and sells to the end user D, who pays tax on which transactions?
  3. Is the tax offsetting? In other words, can a company subtract tax it pays to its suppliers from tax collected from customers?

These questions are intended to discover whether the CT is really a value added tax or a sales tax, because these would be treated differently in Manager.

We cant explain much as we do import & distribute, but this link (Non government site), can explain more.

Thank you for the additional information.

So Myanmar’s 5% commercial tax, while not legally considered a value added tax, operates as an offsetting tax. Therefore, it can be set up in Manager just like other in-built tax codes. I will invite @lubos into this discussion so he sees the need to add it to the program.

You also appear to possibly be subject to the special goods tax. However, there are so many different possible tax rates, it would be difficult to include them all. So it is probably best to handle those as custom tax rates. Note that because Commercial Tax is imposed in addition to the special goods tax, you will need to calculate compound rates as you define custom taxes.

Tax code added to the latest version (17.12.61)

thank you