GST Reporting

Hi, I am reporting GST in Alberta Canada which is a 5% flat tax on Goods and Services. I have set this up under settings. We don’t have inclusive GST. It is added on at the end of the invoice so the total GST is added to the total of all items purchased. The items I have entered under purchase invoices and expense claims show the GST amounts accurately when I check the view the print form for them. When I go to the Tax Reports the numbers do not match and a lot of them show $5.00 rather than the 5% amount for each line that is entered. Currently I should have GST Tax credit. I am posting from last year and have yet to enter the sales invoices. I have taken screen shots, not sure how to add them to a post.

Please advise

To upload a screen shot, click the symbol above the composing pane while writing your post. Navigate to the image and upload it.

Thanks, Just figured it out. The lower image is from the same purchase invoice. I know that this program calculates GST for every line, and in reports it’s not matching the purchase invoice.

What is the second screen shot of? Can’t tell without column headings. If necessary, sort for the purchase invoice number so only entries related to the invoice will show. That will make the list short enough to grab headings and data.

So your bottom screenshot is from the Tax Report - correct ?

Your invoice consists of 4 items, with the 4th item having no code or description - is this Freight-in ?
Your tax report shows 3 entries for the actual inventory items plus 3 entries where the Freight-in is being distributed over the inventory items.

In the tax report the dark values should represent 5% of the invoices values and tally to 4.08, but instead they are showing a constant 5.00.

I am going to suggest that the Tax Code you created for Alberta Canada 5% GST Flat rate is the cause. If you have ticked the flat rate box - untick it, then click Edit for the above invoice and click update - then check the Tax Report again.

If that doesn’t resolve it can you show a screenshot of that tax code creation?

@lubos - any chance that a Canada - Alberta 5% GST be added to the default codes.

Thanks, it worked. The flat rate wasn’t required. Perfect!

Just to be clear, the flat rate was not only not required, it was the cause of your problem. A flat rate tax is the same amount (which in this case you specified to be 5.00) no matter the value of the item being taxed.

Yes, but the problem (or should I say bug) is that the Manager Tax Codes - Custom Tax input screen is incorrectly presented. When the Flat Tax tick box is ticked it shows a “%” sign, yet the output is a fixed monetary amount - it should indicate a currency/monetary symbol, not a “%”

Good point.

Yes, I thought I was entering a percentage, which is why the $5.00 rate applied to every item.

thanks again,