How to get church donations to go to the right balance sheet account

I’ve read the church related posts. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck. I would really appreciate any help please. I’ve created donors as customers. When I record a “sales” receipt for a donation, it goes to the right revenue account (i.e. donation to general fund), but on the balance sheet it sits in “cash and cash equivalents.” How do I get it posted to the correct bank account on the balance sheet? Thank you very much.

Your cash and bank accounts where you lidge the receipts are grouped under Cash andcash equivalents on the balance sheet

If you want to show them separately, then you need to create separate control accounts

This is explained in the guides

Thank you. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with control accounts. I’ll take a look.

Thanks again.

The forum guidelines indicate to always first look into the guides, then search the forum and then ask a question. The instructions on how to setup control accounts are at Add custom control accounts | Manager

Thanks. I read about them last night and will refer to manual first.