Cash and cash equivalents in reports


I’m new to Manager and have setup 3 bank accounts under cash accounts but when I run any of the pre-set reports they all appear grouped together under the heading of cash and cash equivalents. How do I get the reports to show the bank accounts as separate items? I have read posts about custom control accounts and sub accounts but don’t really understand what they are saying. Can someone explain in simple terms (with images if poss) if it is possible to separate cash and cash equivalents in to the three accounts and if so how?

Many thanks for any help.

Ok, to show the bank accounts separately follow this.

For your first Cash Account just go to Settings - Chart of Accounts, click Edit for Cash & Cash Equivalents and rename it.

For the others you need to create custom control accounts
Go to settings - Chart of Accounts and on the Balance Sheet side click on New Account
Give the account the same name as the Cash Account then tick the Control Account box and then under “Made up of” select Cash Accounts.

Next go to the Cash Accounts tab and click edit next to the same account as created above.
Under the Control Account field select the above created account, and then repeat

You could also group those accounts to give a total by creating a New Group in COA

Brilliant! Thanks very much