How to export purchase order and invoice

how to export and import purchase order and purchase invoice from Manager to Manager

Care to elaborate? What you’ve posted isn’t even a question. What are you trying to do?

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dear sir,
we have got company in three states in india i.e., haryana, rajasthan and uttar pradesh. and the p.o raised by this states are in different computers in different states and the back up file from haryana and rajasthan is send to corporate office(uttar pradesh). now the accountant has to make pdf , say rajasthan and manually enter entries to corporate office(uttar pradesh)
here i want to know is there any sysyem to directly transfer (export and import)

You can use a combination of batch update (to extract information), external spreadsheet manipulation (to get rid of columns not included in the next step), and batch create to add the information to the destination accounting records. But if there were ever an example of someone who needs the cloud edition, this is it. The modest monthly cost is surely less than all the labor involved at branch and corporate offices to use the approach you are currently.