How to enter Opening Balances for Banks

Hi Everyone,
I wonder if I could enter opening balance for my bank account directly instead of importing a bank statement.

Could anyone please guide me in this regard?

Thank you

Have you read this guide which covers how to Enter starting balances

Yes. I have gone through multiple times but failed to understand the process though I tried to follow step-by-step. When I click the Cash at bank in Summary a hyperlinked zero appears. Clicking on the same brings me to another screen with a big blank box with EMPTY.

If I go through Settings > Starting Balances, the Cash at bank appears with blue zeroz and hyperlinked. When I click on the blue/hyperlinked zeroz it brings me to Bank Account where I find no option to enter opening balance with Pending deposits and Pending withdrawals hyerplinked. Clicking on the gives option either the create New Payment or New Receipt

Which is exactly what the guides says - and it finishes with

transactions are entered as usual, with dates from before the start date.

You have, of course, set a start date as indicated at the start of the guide?

Then you are not following the Guide. Starting balances are not set from the Summary. They are set in the Settings tab.

This sounds like you have not created any bank accounts. Read Set up a bank or cash account | Manager.

Now this sounds like you have created at least one bank account. If so, it’s starting balance is set by clicking Edit and entering the balance in the Statement balance field.

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In this case, it tries to import balances from bank statement or happens nothing.

As such, balance cannot be entered manually except importing from bank statement.

Read the Guide again. You are in the wrong tab.

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Instead of reading the guide again and again and getting confused, I would appreciate your mentioning the correct steps. Thanks in advance.

The steps have already been described in previous posts.

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Click Settings. Click Starting Balances. Click the blue hyperlink next to your cash at bank account. Click Edit next to the account you wish yo add starting balance for. Enter the balance in the field Statement Balance.


Thank you very much for your reply. You have rightly mentioned. Earlier, I was missing another step that was clicking the Edit button at the extreme left of the columns.

Just seconds before your post, I got that point and I was able to enter the balance.

Thank you very much, So nice of you.

I told you to do that in post #6. If you are going to ask questions, please read and follow instructions in the answers given. Otherwise, people will stop responding to your posts.

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