How to Do "Timesheet" or "Billable Time by Project"

Hello, I am new to “Manager.” I am trying to make Manager work for a consulting business, and I am researching to see if there is a way to use Manager to track and invoice “billable time” by project. The nature of the consulting business is such that a “customer/client” may engage the consultancy on multiple “projects.”

I have read older discussions on “billable time by project” and found that most folks seem to gravitate towards doing that using “timesheet.” I browsed through the Guides but have not find any that talks about enabling/using “Timesheet.”

Maybe this newbie is missing something obvious … hence checking with this forum here on whether the “Timesheet” feature exists, and if so, how to use it. Thanks in advance (and apologies if I am beating a dead horse).

Welcome to the forum @Phil_S

Yes, people tend to be stuck in ways and thinking about it, Timesheets are the defacto standard for logging of time – for many good reasons:

  1. They are efficient–easy to fill and easy to review.
  2. They are versatile–they can be used to track progress as well as a source for both billing and payroll.
  3. Users are very familiar with them to the point that they are pretty much self explanatory.

I know that the developer have contemplated adding those to Manager once:

Which makes me wonder why it is still not in ideas.

I’m going to place this in ideas for now.

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This maybe helps to demonstrate how you can work with billable time but these are the only columns needed in a spreadsheet to import into the Billable time module.

Column C can be used for lookup to a table in another sheet to get the Key for the customer. Note that each customer’s key is shown in grey letters in Customer module in the top right corner in each Customer’s card. This key can be copied to the spreadsheet lookup table.
The project name can be typed into the description field which is a temporary solution until Project field is an option in the Billable time module.

To import timesheet to Manager:

Copy area B1:G2
In Manager in Billable time module choose Batch Create and paste into the field.
Then go to Customers module and select figures in the Uninvoiced column as those figures have to be invoiced. Click the checkbox (see fig.) and select New sales invoice

New sales invoice

Then go to Sales invoice module and edit the sales invoice (if you have edit access) to put in the project which is stated in the description. You can then delete the project name from the description unless you want to show it to your client.

Thanks! I do not have any follow-up question at this time, just popping in to say thanks for the replies to my question.