How to customize the Summary screen

I want to customize my Summary screen. I only want to see the classified balance sheet accounts, and without the income/expense accounts appearing.

How can I do this?

You cannot. The default Summary is one of Manager’s nicest features, giving you, essentially, current balance sheet and P&L statement all the time. These are the fundamental tools of accounting. You can set the period it covers for the income and expense accounts. You can add, rename, and delete all but the control accounts that appear. But you cannot change the basic structure. (Nor, I might add, do you need to.)

If you want only the balance sheet, create that under Reports, either standard or classified.

Just out of curiosity, why do you want hide income and expense accounts? Is it because your screen is too small and it doesn’t fit?

Thanks for all the response guys.
The Summary feature is definitely great. Just wondering if the appearance can be changed, like accounts be classified as current/non current, or hide the P/L since, in my case, it doesn’t give the accrual net income on a daily basis as some journal entries are still needed to be made, like depreciation, effective interest expense, some accruals like utilities expense which usually made in cash basis, etc.
Anyway, I have no problem with it. It gives you up to date sales info and cash balances which is great.