How to create sub-accounts in Chart of Accounts

If you go to you will see that its #2.

Check the latest version (16.1.13), it has been just released. There is still a lot to improve but foundation is now there.


whoppee for sub-accounts, thanks for that.

Unfortunately I’m having trouble downloading the Windows Desktop version? Indicator is that Firefox is not responding when I tried to save the file.

Thank you very much for the feature. Any ETA on documentation?

I can’t figure out how the new “New Total” button works, under Chart of Accounts > P&L Statement. When I create a new total item, how do I tell it what I want it to total? And is this meant to replace the Settings features for Multi-Step Income Statements and Classified Balance Sheet, which seem to have disappeared?

Yeah, multi-step income statement and classified balance sheet is now gone. You can setup structure within chart of accounts directly.

As for totals, use Code field to specify where do you need total to appear. E.g. Gross profit total would usually appear right after Cost of goods sold group. etc.

Thanks, but I can’t quite figure it out. I’ll wait for the documentation.

Have sorted it and have downloaded OK.

What, exactly, do sub-accounts do? The P&L Statement doesn’t sub-total anything, regardless of how accounts are grouped, and the new New Total button won’t put a total line within a group.

I have my income accounts set up like this:

But the resulting P&L statement lists all 6 income accounts in a single section (with just one total, for all of income) rather than in a Sales Income section and an Other Income section, each with its own subtotal.

And the heading accounts don’t seem to appear anywhere else, either. All the account lists I can find just seem to list all relevant income accounts together, rather than showing the created hierarchy.

Please, can someone provide some documentation. Now that Multi-Step Income Statements are gone, my reports are not working the way they were before this.

I actually think it was much better before. The associated changes to the Summary screen are really unfortunate. It was better before, with Accounts receivable broken out and displayed by aged receivables and with Cash on hand also broken out. (I tried uninstalling and going back to the old version, but that corrupted my data. Happily, I had a backup.)

Old Summary (better!):

New Summary (not better!):

The latest version (16.1.21) already shows all levels on Summary screen. All levels are not yet exposed on balance sheet and profit & loss report but that’s coming very soon.

@lubos: You’re too Agile for me to keep up with! :smile:

(Seriously, though: Is there a way for us to know which new versions are works-in-progress and which ones are solid? I’m comfortable with my decision to go back to v16.1.12 for now because v16.1.20 broke my P&L reports and Summary screen, but once you get the kinks ironed out of the sub-accounts, I’ll be eager to install that version. How will I know when to update again?)

The sub accounts module is a work in progress, it something we are used to on this platform. Gradually fixes will be coming in and the feature will be corrected until perfection.
What we are looking for is the ability to sum up all sub groups and sub account onto one level for reporting which will allow for expanding (drilling down) and collapsing.
When I view my report I want to see something like this

Revenue 1000
COS. (600)
Gross Profit. 400
Admin Exp. (50)
Selling & dist. (10)

I could then click on one line and see the groups and their balances as well or expand all and see sub totals before the grand total.
If this doesn’t work on summary, it must work with Reports. If possible the user can also select how the summary should go, either the classic view or the new view.

We should be patient with the development of this module. @lubos knows it not complete he will use feedback to perfect it.

My other hope is that I wish the custom control account will represent subsidiary account balances before opening each subsidiary account to see the transactions. Currently control accounts display all transactions for all accounts under it when clicked on. If there will be a way to view the movement in only one account under a control account, using the current view style to for control account would be fine

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With regards to the P&L can I suggest this, delete your “Income” heading account.
Create a new “New Total” called Total Sales, say with code 50, anything less then Expenses 200.
Then edit Sales Income & Other Income and point them to the Group - Total Sales
This should correct your issue as Manger only has 2 Tier sub-totalling and your existing structure is asking for 3 Tier sub-totalling so it is stripping out the middle tier

@Jon - I should have included that you probably need edition 16.1.24 to do the above as I couldn’t get to function that way in edition 16.1.18

Everybody needs to remember this is a work in progress. @lubos said so when he announced release of 16.1.13. People should not be too eager to have it all.

I have loaded V16.1.46 and then completed sub-accounts. Couple of shortcomings for me: Parent account does not then total the sub account amounts. As well, the parent account as a “group” does not show the Code for that parent account. A work around was to then include the Code as the first part of the title for the Parent (Group) account. Because the parent account does not have a total for its sub accounts, it then doesn’t show in the Balance Sheet report.
Otherwise, it is certainly getting to where I need to be - well done over the Christmas Break. Lubos, it was a nice present!

What, exactly, does the New Total feature do in the Chart of Accounts? I really can’t figure it out, and it doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere yet.

It allows groups to be added. If you have a group called Income with various accounts then you have a group called Cost of Sales with various accounts you can then total those two groups with a heading. But you have to use the codes to get it to function correctly - Income code 1, Cost of Sales code 2 Gross Profit code 3. (remember that any expenses groups need the tick box clicked)

If you have a look near the bottom of topic What account does corporation tax go under? you can see it being used to cater for/separate corporation tax

Yes, My interest too.