Custom Title and Theme

It is requested to please add Custom Title and Theme feature in Customer tabs as it works for other tabs.

We would like to change the Customer title and adjust field presentation to look it like Registration Form which should be signed by Customer/Employee to validate all relevant details as well during registration process.

I presume you mean this form?

You can always create custom fields to hold extra information - these can be named as you wish

Custom Titles and themes are used by transaction entry form eg sales invoices, receipts, etc and not by forms used to enter base data such as customers, suppliers, etc

Thanks @Joe91 for your quick response.

Preciously yes! we have added custom field for addition information needed and its working very effectively.

I have explore the options, read through guideline and draw the same understanding as you mentioned. However, we manage school operation with Manager and stating Student as Customer is not wise. In addition, page is going very long with due to next line for each custom field. If custom theme is allowed than we might be able to use spaces effectively and use this form as Registration Form.

You could export the data to Excel and print Registration forms from there - you could format it exactly as you want using Excel or Word

We used MS Office so religiously prior to Manager. Once we start using Manager, we are trying to make most use of it and we are really thankful for Manager it brings a lots of efficiencies and effectiveness in process and establish controls etc.

We cannot to turn to manual work as such tabs are managed with divisions. It could lead to duplication of work and risk chances of error.

Therefore, we think to seek Manager’s assistance for a solution within the system. Is there any way, Manager can consider to add this feature in short or long term.

That would be down to the developper to answer.

But I would not think it very likely in the near future as current developments seem to be in the area of custom reporting

@Rajwani, you are asking an accounting program to substitute for word processing and customer relationship management tools. I believe you should not expect development to move in that direction.