Quantity total in sales invoices


I have a footwear Business and our invoices include quantity total with subtotal of price.

Manager is a very good software and i am planning to buy cloud edition. Quantity total is the only thing where i am getting problem. So request you to help me sort it out. waiting for a positive reply thank you.

I am also uploading a copy of my current invoices from other software.



The default template doesn’t support quantity total (it’s not useful in vast majority of cases)

You will need to design custom HTML template for your invoices in order to achieve this.


Will you please help me out with this by making a custom template ?


You will have to find your own HTML developer locally if you don’t have the knowledge to do this yourself.


There will be soon a complete list of variables that you will be able to inject into sales invoices. And some basic tutorial on how to use them.

However, to achieve the exact look from the screenshot, you will need to write new HTML template and that’s best done by some HTML designer as @Tut has suggested.