How to control client other than AR and AP?

Hi first time use Manager.
Now I’m setting beginning balance and i have a question how to control sub account other than
AR and AP.

AR and AP can control balance per customer or supplier but how to do the same thing in the
other accounts?

Your topic is confusing.
For Customer and Suppliers, you can only control opening balances in AR &AP via control sub-account, no other methods.

“In the other accounts” like inventory you enter via the Inventory Items. Cash Accounts via the sub-accounts and other Balance Sheets accounts via the Chart of Accounts under Settings

Sorry for you to confuse

For example, VAT-IN, VAT-OUT, Suspense payments etc. How we control?

For VAT, under Settings - Tax Codes, select your countries VAT rate and Manager controls the application from there. There should never be Suspense Payments, so the control is not to have them.

Have you read the Guides ??

@Mizuki, you should start by reading the Guides.

Brucanna and Tut thank you… ok i check guides again