How to change port 80 and port 8080?

Hi, there

I am testing free server edition but I want to change port 80 and also port 8080
could you please guide me in details how to do it

please read this if it helps

where to write " .\ " like this .\managerserver.exe -port 8090

please show me how to do in details

That is a key on your keyboard. If you are not familiar with how to make such changes in server setup, you might want to consider the cloud edition instead.

I am using windows10 please give me instructions how to change the port

Server Editon is intended for people that can navigate themselves around a server without much difficulty.

As @Tut mentioned, if you need detailed instructions then the better choice for you is Cloud Edition.

Just like Server Edition, it also costs money, but is a monthly payment rather than a once-off amount.

The other benefit of Cloud Edition is that you get updates for free without any effort on your end, it’s all done for you automatically. With the Server Edition, you need to update it yourself - and it’s not as straightforward as the Desktop Edition to update on most operating systems.

You also automatically get SSL encryption (a security feature) on Cloud Edition. Doing this on Server Edition (which I highly recommend as it likely will hold your sensitive business data) requires setting up Caddy or using a service such as Let’s Encrypt.

For info, to those who wants to change default port to own custom port for manager server.

  1. Create Shortcut for Manager Server.

  2. right click on the ‘managerserver.exe shortcut’ and select ‘properties’. The following is an Example of command in ManagerServer.exe Shortcut in target box.

C:\Users\ElephantFortress\AppData\Roaming\Manager\ManagerServer.exe -port 80 -path "D:\To_My_Manager_data_path"


-port ‘defined your own custom between port 80-65535’
-path “to your manager data folder”

  1. Press ok.

  2. run (double click) the shortcut. WHen everything is correct it should display ‘listening to port xxxx’