Server edition port change

Is it possible to change the given port 8080 to something other? If you are sharing your server with a Web server.

Is that not mabye adviced?

Just see the tutorial here : Guides | Manager

Sorry, it is kind of hidden in the screenshot. I See it is possible.

Thank you

I try to change the port as 8090 and I write managerserver.exe -port 8090 but still listening 8080
I also tried to write .\managerserver.exe -port 8090 but same result
Any idea, please?
Thanks a lot…

Hi again,

I found the solution, a frien told and worked… I write here for next users

  1. Open task manager and close if you see any running manager.exe or similar
  2. Open command line as admin. You should right click on icon and click run as administrator
  3. write the line as usual
  4. if fails, put " .\ " like this .\managerserver.exe -port 8090


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