How to buy server edition

I have searched every bit of the website but have not been able to find any email address or phone Number. How do we buy the Server edition?

You can purchase the license only after you successfully install free trial. This is to discourage impulse purchases. You need to try the software first.

hi Lubos,

I installed the trial version but when i click buy server edition, it loads but nothing happens after…

Clicking on this link:

Leads to a page containing this button:

20 AM

Which leads to this screen:

24 AM

At which point are you getting stuck? The second & third images are generated by communicating with the Stripe servers. Perhaps check that you don’t have standard HTTPS port (443) blocked?

I think my anti virus was blocking progress. solved.
before I purchase server edition, I would like clarification.
the 3 companies I have been contracted to do their books are remotely located without any internet access.
I would like server because it restricts the users to specific transactions. Ive been thinking of installing server on the three companies who can back up their data that I can collect on a monthly basis. can this approach work with server?

you cannot work on the backup file and merge it with the existing data later.

Just elaborating on @sharpdrivetek point…

As long as you aren’t expecting to make changes to their files yourself … You are just having them provide a backup once a month for you to read … It could work that way.

but as the administrator, cant I correct eg errors in transactions? since I would have purchased server?

you can make the corrections or anything with the data as long as you are connected to the same network. you cannot take the data off the networked computers, work on it and merge it back. server edition will work only on-net and not off-net (local network or internet).
i would recommend you access the server via internet once a month.

Not if the locations are independent - standalone, not connected by the internet or an intranet (internal network)

I can physically do it once a month or so…

I can visit the locations atleast once a month

then you can just connect to their local network and do what you do best. :+1:

Normally you install the Server software on one computer, and as many users as you like can access the software over a local network or the internet.

I am not sure that the one software license allows you to install the Server software on 4 computers (your computer and the three clients’ computers). Before proceeding, you should verify if you are permitted to do that.