How to buy Paid Server Edition

I can’t see any place to actually buy the SERVER edition i want to self host on my server can anyone help please?

Before you can purchase server edition, you need to successfully install it. The purchase link is visible when the server is running.

Let say I buy a new server and want to move the application there, or computer is broken down and I get a new server, do I buy again or there is a way I can use the purchased right on different server machine when I have to.

When you purchase license, you will receive license number which can be used on any server… the reason why purchase must be done from the server edition directly is because when the link to purchase was on the website, number of people have made the purchase and then expected someone will set up server for them.

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I installed the Server edition a while ago, but the Purchase link seems to be broken. So how can I purchase a license now?