How to bill inventory to billable expenses in anticipation of invoicing

We are a custom cabinet and woodworking company and do not have a specific inventory of items we sell. I do record our lumber and sheet stock in inventory at time of purchase. Our larger jobs, especially time and material are difficult to bill accurately with out recording every bit of material we use. I’ve done it all by hand so far. This past year I found Manager and love the program. We used cash accounting method but have started in 2022 with the accrual method. I am now feeling comfortable working in Manager and have been investigating using the inventory and billable expense features combined with the division or project features. I confess I’m stumped.
I have read and reread Recording-billable-expenses in the Guide etc, cannot find anything in the Guide about the project button/feature, and cannot seem to find away to send inventory used in a project to billing expense in anticipation of invoicing either at completion or monthly for large jobs.
This is what I would like to do.
Record our time and materials as used in anticipation of billing our customers.
Thank you!

There isn’t anything yet. The feature is not considered fully deployed.

That would not be correct usage of the program. Billable expenses are things you buy on behalf of your customer. The way to use inventory in producing your custom cabinets is through production orders, producing a finished cabinet from sheet stock and lumber. The labor can be added to a production order as non-inventory costs. See

Thank you for the information. I look forward to learning more about projects as it is deployed.