How to manage inventory or service we bought for customer?

We have one question about how to manage the inventory or service we bought for customer.

We are interior design company. Sometimes we do only design. It will be very simple. We just do Sales Invoice. But sometimes we do design and build. It means we will purchase furniture and construction service for customer.

If we create inventory item for the furniture we purchased, it will also be a waste. Because this sofa may only use in this project. We will not use it in other project. Also for construction service, we will use Purchase Invoice to control our payment to contractor. But which accounting subject should I put them in ?

Is there anyone who also deal with this with a better solution ? Now we put the purchased furniture and construction service into “Sales” accounting subject. Then I can easily know the final profit thru it. But it should not be the correct way, right ?

Have you considered Billable Expenses - read this Guide Manager Cloud

You will also want to read Manager Cloud.

You did not mention it, but businesses like yours often bill by the hour. In that case, read Manager Cloud and Manager Cloud. You will be able to invoice billable time and expenses in a combined process.

Thank you~ I will check the billable expense part in the guide.

I used to read the guide all, but not connect this part to our trading before. Thank you~

Thank you Tut. Also I will check those part for Billable time