Materials for jobs

I do the bookwork for a builder and use billable time and billable expenses as we don’t invoice until the job is complete. Is there a way to add materials that would need to be put on the invoice when created when I don’t have a purchase invoice for it? E.g timber in stock that is not added to inventory.

I don’t like waiting until the job is complete as I may forget to add it to the invoice made up of billable time and expenses. I basically want to add costs to a customer so when I click on the customer it will be listed with the billable time and expenses.

You can use a journal entry to transfer an expense to Billable expenses and the customer’s subaccount. But that assumes you have already recorded its cost somewhere, such as Inventory on hand if it is an inventory item or an ordinary expense account if you just bought it as a consumable supply. Debit Billable expenses and credit the other account.

Awesome thank you :slight_smile: