How to Backup only Customer list in New Business

How to Backup only Customer list in New Business

There is an Export button at the bottom of the Customer list.

The trouble with using the Export function is that it only exports the data showing on the screen, not all customer information. I presume this post is related to your other question about deleting sales invoices. You are probably thinking to import the entire old business to get the customer list, but delete the accounting data. That may be your only choice for now.

This topic has come up before. See Exporting customer list to spreadsheet - #7 by Siddharth. Custom reports feature is still a work in progress. So I think there is no easy answer, but you may be able to figure something out via custom reports. That is beyond my skill level.

I already done export customer list but How to import it in new business ?

When I create new batch and paste all customer this action processed successfully but shown only blank list in the fields ?

Hi Sagar.
Can you provide screenshots please?

There is a way. Go to the old business and click Batch update to retrieve list of all customers in spreadsheet format.

They will be in the right format so you can copy & paste spreadsheet into Batch insert function in new business.

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