How to automatically get HSN/SAC from Inventory in Invoice Line Item


I am also facing this issue.
@lubos Please fix this issue in Localization for INDIA.

Admin Please mark this in Bug category…
Or provide alternative solution to auto fetch HSN/SAC code from the inventory item during Invoice making.

Currently We need to Put HSN/SAC Code manually for each Item and for each invoice. It’s quite annoying as we have 300+ Items with more-than 30 different HSN codes. Each time we need to check manually and then write it in each line in each invoice. :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_thermometer:
I request to @lubos & Team manager… that Please consider this in your priority. Hope you understands the problem we described. :pray:

@AaiRIz for now I have created a Custom fields with same titles as in localization for India and entering the same values for inventory items HSN/SAC codes and enable Show custom field on printed documents.

Still looking for solution from development team.

that helps us for Only one HSN/SAC code. not for multiple one. For multiple HSN/SAC code we need to write correctly for each line for each invoice. and that is annoying as it’s not fetch code automatically from the each Inventory item.

it’s a clear BUG.
I wonder that why developer or Admin not mark this as a bug.

It is definitely not a bug by definition see: where it explains:

A software bug is a problem causing a program to crash or produce invalid output.

It is at worse and annoyance because the program can produce a valid output:

Yes It is.
Before some updates … Manager Fetch HSN Code from Inventory Item. But Now it’s stop fetching. and we need to write manually each time for each invoice line.

For your reference…
Please read what other users said in this thread.

Sorry but it is still not a bug, it is an inconvenience. That it worked before would hopefully stimulate the developer to restore it to your preferences but Manager does not crash nor does it in this example produce invalid output as you can enter information so that it is valid. The program itself does nothing to invalidate it.

Sounds like a feature request specific to your jurisdiction to me.
As such it needs a solution with the flexibility to address similar issues in other jurisdiction.

Imo opinion

  • it is not a bug and
  • NG software is likely to have been aware of such requirements for some time and already have a more general solution planned

Please look on the marked / Highlighted line in photo. Before some updates manager works perfectly for the localization field in inventory items. but not from last few updates. :pray: and that’s why I am calling It bug.

I think that you all Outside country friends are not understand the Problem having with the Indian User of Manager. Let me explain it with 3 photos.

Inventory Items… in this photo yellow marked HSN/SAC code is come by default from the manager. (As we select localization for India… in this field I written “HSN/SAC1” as reference HSN Code. (Which we need to display in invoice for that particular Item.
And Red Marked area is Custom Field Generated by me to display the exact problem. here I write “HSN1” (In custom field I selected “Show custom field as a column” & “Show custom field on printed documents”

Now Photo 2.
When I start Creating new Invoice… after selecting Inventory Item… we can see the HSN/SAC in Blank. (Yes I can write manually… but It’s stopped auto fetching from the inventory item. From last few updates of manager.)

Photo 3
we can see the generated invoice. here Custom field is displayed correctly. but not displaying the Localized Default field by manger. that’s the Issue. (we need to display HSN/SAC fields in printed Invoices as in previous versions of manager)

If manager team is not solve this issue then I or we have 2 options…

  1. Need to generate custom field as HSN. and re-write all the HSN in that for my all the inventory. (yes by this my problem is solve) but no use of given localization setting by manager. [[[Here Problem is we can not disable the default localization field. so when ever this issue solved by the manager… we have 2 HSN code printed or displayed in invoice.]]] :roll_eyes:
  2. we need to write HSN code manually for each time when generating Invoices. :face_with_thermometer:

Now after all this … I hope that you all friends may be understand my/our problem.

Sorry but it is still not a bug. That you want a solution for the situation you face is understandable and I hope you will be helped. I only made clear that your appeal to call this a bug is not justified and your last post just confirms that as well. To correct on jargon such as labeling a bug incorrectly has nothing to do with trying to resolve the inconvenience you experience. I will remove myself from his discussion as it is more about a fix than a bug.

Data in custom fields copy over when the labels are identical. This has been a long term feature in Manager.

Read the 3rd para of Caution section in the guide where it is explained about HSN Implement 2017 GST scheme for India | Manager
It clearly explains that the entry form will only display the line item custom field and not the inventory custom field but any entry in the line item custom field will overwrite the data fetched from inventory custom field.

When this existing feature of Manager is not working for custom fields created by localizations, it definitely is a bug.

@lubos please look into this issue.

@lubos any updates on this.

Hello @hmdaadil
Any Update By @lubos will be announced in this topic.
please don’t be impatient.