Edit Custom Fields - Old (Classic)

I am using Manager to keep my accounts in India for my Income tax and GST filing. The sales invoice has an option to enter the HSN/SAC for each line item. However, I see no way to have them displayed on the invoice.

I went to Custom Fields > Classic Custom Fields but there are no items there.

I then created a new item under “Text Custom Fields”

And now, I have 2 fields called HSN/SAC

The one that is populated with 9992 is the default field and does not get displayed on the invoice. The second one is displayed IF there is data in it.

Is there I can get to either display the Default one OR delete it as when staff are creating an invoice, I do not want them to enter it twice or enter into the field that is not displayed.

Thank you

Show a screen shot of the Edit screen for the HSN/SAC custom field activated by your localization (when you selected India in Business Details under the Settings tab).

Business Detail screen has no mention of HSN/SAC

This is the Custom Text Field I created (not the default one that appears when I chose India

New Sales Invoice screen … the one with the 9992 is the one I created under Custom Text field. The one with 12345 is the default one that does not appear.

After saving the invoice:

Aside from these, I see no other edit screen for HSN/SAC. I’m not sure if I missed out an option under any other setting.