How to automatically get HSN/SAC from Inventory in Invoice Line Item

Hi Guys, Greetings of the day.
I am using Version 22.1.1,
I am not able to get the HSN/SAC from Inventory item in Invoice Line Item automatically and its also not getting printed in Invoice,

HSN/SAC is by default included inside business for India.

Kindly guide me what i am missing, I tried to find in forum before posting here.

First of all, these custom fields are available and working if you download the localization for India.

Second, you need to set the custom field at the inventory item or non-inventory item level like this:

And make sure you check the box for printed documents as illustrated.

I still prefer you go with the first route, meaning localizations.

Use Settings > Form Defaults > Sales Invoice and insert the code into the HSN/SAC field.

@Ealfardan Thanks for reply,
I know the second method and used it by creating Custom Fields,

Now would like to know about localisation for India.
I guess my account is already localisation for India as i see many things specifically for India as in below screen as well.

But this is not getting reflected when creating the Sales Invoice screen, and not getting printed in Invoice.

Thanks for reply @Mark ,
Each inventory item has different HSN/SAC Code, So using

will not solve my problem.

Ah, OK, I wasn’t aware of that.

If you have set HSN/SAC in the inventory items tab, it will not appear on the entry form of sales invoices or other forms, but it will be displayed automatically after you create the transaction.

@sharpdrivetek I have created Sales Invoice, Is that counted as Transaction is Created? But still HSN/SAC is not getting displayed from Inventory Item localisation for India.

This is my Demo Invoice,

Edit Screen of Above Invoice.


please make sure to have a continuity regarding the issue when discussing on the forum. in the initial post you posted screenshot for item code Item 1001 but in the last post you have used another inventory Item 1. due to this we cannot determine if you have set the HSN/SAC for this new inventory item.

Hoo my bad, i was exploring and without knowing have renamed the Item apologise for confusion, But both are same item.

okay I do not think there is any issue on your side.
the actual issue was with the localization.
I just checked and found that the said custom field for sales invoice was set as inactive. not sure how that happened. anyway I have updated it and the changes would most probably become effective in the next Manager release.
please update after there is a newer version available and report if the issue persists.

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@sharpdrivetek Thanks for the reply,
Would like to inform same happens for Purchase Invoice, HSN/SAC from Inventory item is not getting in Purchase Invoice Line Item.

The localization change needs a day or two to reach your system.

However, you could show the edit screen of item1 as well.

Having checked further, I do not think this is an issue with the localization.
it seems the localization custom fields are not displayed when having an identical label unlike a user created custom field.
as seen in the screenshots below, the HSN/SAC saved for the inventory item is not displayed when a sales invoice is created. but when we manually add data to HSN/SAC field in the sales invoice form, it appears in the transaction.
@lubos please check this issue.

Yes thats correct, When we manually enter HSN/SAC field in the sales/purchase invoice it appears,
Only thing is not getting auto fetched from inventory item.

Actually, what @sharpdrivetek was referring to is “having” a custom field called HSN/SAC could disrupt the localization.

Try changing the field name to say “HSN-SAC” and see if that does anything.

no that is not what I meant. by default the localization for India has identical custom fields for both inventory items and sales invoices-line. and these custom fields do not exchange data even when the labels are identical.

but this issue is not seen on the localization server. only downloaded versions are affected. @lubos might be able to fix.

there is no option for the user to view or edit or modify custom fields provided by localizations.

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Yes, i am also Able to reproduce the Issue.
Sales Invoice Does not Automatically Fill HSN/SAC Field from Inventory Master when we use Localization Provided Custom field…
but , when i have created a new custom field Named HSN/SAC And fills the Code in that field then sales invoice automatically Fetch the HSN/SAC Code From Inventory Master.

@lubos @sharpdrivetek any update on this