How to add DUE DATE to a bill?

Just starting to work with Manager - I entered an accounting bill but it has no due date. This is an important piece of information for us when paying suppliers. I tried a purchase order and an invoice for the same bill but still find no place to enter the due date, Surely the software can give me a list of what is payable by due date but I don’t know how to enter the data to make this happen

Sounds very strange. Which version and platform are you using? Could you post a screenshot of where you are capturing the information?

Read the guide Create purchase invoices | Manager

Always the first port of call

version 22.7.1

using desktop version / with windows 7

And what does it say next to Issue date?

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Oh dear J zus…how embarrassing!
Sorry for wasting everyone’s time…
Thanks Mark


While you’re about it, why not update to 22.7.15…

If by “accounting bill” you mean a purchase invoice, you’ve entered your information in the wrong place. All purchase invoices have due dates automatically. If you don’t enter one, the program assigns the current date as the due date.

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did - thanks