How to a english and a translated version on the same computer?

I would like to run a english version and a translated version (Swedish) on one computer. I will only run one at the time. When I run the Swedish version it only shows the english version. The language on the computer is english. Is there a setting I need to do on the computer?

You can only run one language at a time on the same installation. The language preference is universal. See But you can change back and forth as often as you want.

Can you explain this further?

No. You can run Manager with any language preference, regardless of the computer’s settings.

I downloaded the swedish version because I thought it was 2 different versions and renamed it to manager se so I could have both versions on applikations on my mac. When I click on tje file manager se, the swedish version everything is in english. The english version was not running.

Now I understand that I only needed to change the preferences much easier. I tried to find a link how to change it on the forum but didn’t find any. Thank you so much for that.

All you originally did was rename the program. The default preferences were unchanged.