How do I match imported bank payments to an invoice


I have just started importing bank statements into my account which I LOVE. However I can not seem to find how I can issue an invoice and then match it against an imported payment so the invoice does not show DUE.

Thank You


Did you rea and follow the Guide: Import bank statements | Manager? You either need a bank rule or you must edit the imported transaction to assign it to the right account. You said “payment.” If you really meant payment, post the transaction to Accounts payable > Supplier name > Purchase invoice #. If you actually meant “receipt,” post to Accounts receivable > Customer name > Sales invoice #.

When I import statement, it all went to suspense and then it says 13 uncategorized items but when I click in there, it says there is nothing. Isn’t that where I create the rule? Sorry I am very confused but would love to work it out.

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this was a bug and was fixed recently. please update your Manager version and then follow the guide.

@janinastoolbox, while the bug @sharpdrivetek was real, you would never have noticed it if you followed the Guide I linked you to above. See especially the portion between the two Notes. That explains how you are supposed to edit imported transactions or add new bank rules. Then you would never have had completed transactions in the Suspense account, because they all would have been correctly posted before you clicked Bulk Update. Entering the process from the Bank Accounts tab’s Uncategorized column is a back door. The fact no-one reported this bug previously shows how few people have used that back door. (It was only reported 9 hours ago and fixed immediately.)