How do I create expenses for different jobs for the same client?

I am trying to enter credit card expenses for a specific client under a specific expense code, how can I see how much was spent for that clients entire job?

Manager doesn’t have a job costing module.

One way to track expenses by job is to use Tracking codes under Settings tab where each job could be created as a tracking code. When expense is spent on specific job, tracking code can be selected side-by-side with expense account.

This would allow you to generate Profit & Loss statement per job thus finding out your profitability on each job.

I looked under the settings tab and I didn’t see an option for Tracking Codes. My options are:
General Settings; Business Name; Email Settings; Chart of Accounts; Sales Invoice Items; Purchase Invoice Items; Invoice Template; Business Logo; Tax Codes

I clicked on each of these and didn’t see the tracking code option…what am I missing?

It sounds like you need to update your software.