How do I carry over amounts a monthly basis?

How do I carry over amounts from current to 1-30days, 30-60 days etc, on a monthly basis?

Are you talking about Aged receivables report where you prefer to see columns by month rather than by standard 1-30 / 31-60 etc. grouping?

No what I mean is on the report, customer statement, the September 2015 unpaid invoices still show in the current column with the October invoices instead of being carried over to the 1-30 day column

When invoice is overdue between 1 to 30 days, it will show in 1-30 day column.

If you see all invoices in Current column, perhaps you are not setting due date on your invoices? If you don’t set due date, the invoice will never become overdue therefore will always show under Current column.

Thanks, I have that sorted now. Another small problem, The amounts received from customers (invoices paid) in the month, does not show on their statements.
In other words, If a customer pays the outstanding invoices, for example, for
August and September, in October, The amount paid does not reflect in the statement at the end of October

Did you allocate the payment to Accounts receivable and the appropriate customer subaccount? Is the Customer Statement report set for unpaid invoices only or all transactions? Finally, if for all transactions, is your date range correct?