Aging Receivables & Payables

My Aging Receivables & Payables are not reporting according to their invoice dates. They are all showing all in their current column.

You need to add Due Date to each invoice. Aging reports in Manager will always show an invoice as current if there is no Due Date. This is standard in accounting, because the program cannot determine how many days past due an invoice is if it doesn’t know when it was due in the first place.

You might have invoices (purchase or sales) due upon presentation and others that are net 90 days.

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Is there any setting to set that all invoices are at 30days credit term?

When you create an invoice you can set the due date to 30 days as the default credit term.

As in for All customers & suppliers? without keying in everytime when keying in a single entry.


How do you do it? Previously it was an automated 30days net from the date of issue. Right now, the system have changed to key in every entry a due date. Is there any settings where I can just set a Net 30days for ALL customers & suppliers? Where can I change that settings without having to Key in their due date every single entry.

When creating an Invoice, click the blue “(set default)”…