How can you convert a report to an excel format

Please I need to know if you can convert a report to an excel format

Yes - use the Copy to Clipboard and then Paste in Exel

I’ll share this in case anyone is in the same situation as me. I use the free single user version of Manager on a Mac. I do not have Excel, however my accountant prefers reports in Excel format.
Copy to clipboard does not work properly when pasting into Numbers on a Mac, but this does…
When I view a report in Manager I highlight the whole thing - ONLY the report itself, not the whole screen - and copy.
Then, in a new, blank Mac Numbers file I place the curser in the top left cell and paste the clipboard. The report falls perfectly into the required columns and can then easily be exported from Numbers in Excel format. This might work with other non-Excel spreadsheets on other platforms

This is a known bug that affects only Macs, and only recently. Open a second instance of Manager in a browser window by either (a) right-clicking on the tab name or dragging any blue hyperlink in the program to an open browser window. The copy function will work. This issue is supposed to be fixed very soon.

How strange, but thank you very much for the tip.

It isn’t so strange when you realize Manager operates as a browser. You are seeing the behavior of two different browsers—and browsers frequently behave differently.