Export Custom Report

When I copy a Custom Report to clipboard and paste it to a spreadsheet I have this result:

Numbers app


and LibreOffice Calc

Is this normal?

This is an issue with your spreadsheet applications and the options for pasting. It has nothing to do with Manager.

The guide says nothing about Pasting Options…

Any help?

The Guide says nothing about pasting options because these are not functions or features of Manager. Look into the features of your spreadsheet application. Or try a different application.

Sometime you need to adjust import setting in Numbers.

So click Adjust Setting as shown in screenshot below:

Then make sure to select tab from choice of Separate Values Using: and deselect anything else, as shown in screenshot below:

Then Update Table

I haven’t tried them with custom reports, but it’s working when exporting other reports.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Thank you for your reply,

I don’t have problem with standard reports.
We can’t export Custom Reports, we just have the option to Copy to Clipoard.

Copy to clipboard, then Paste into Excel, Word, or whatever you want

Look the results of Pasting in the screenshots in my first post.

I don’t have Excel, but it doesn’t work with Apple Numbers, LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets and Table Edit!
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Based on my experimentation, pasting from the clipboard only works when pasting into Excel. Exporting works to Numbers and Excel. I am going write a separate bug report.

Export? I presume you mean Copy to clipboard?

The two functions are different. Exporting works under all circumstances of which I am aware. Copy to clipboard only seems to work when pasting into Excel. And custom reports cannot be exported, only copied to the clipboard. See the bug report: Clipboard contents can only be pasted successfully into Excel.

Sorry, I forgot that the Export function was still there - I have no need for it as the standard reports work for me

Simple solution.
Open Notepad, paste the code. Save the resulting notepad file. Right-click the file and rename the file .txt extension to .htm
Now again just right-click the file and open with your spreadsheet program of choice e.g. Libreoffice etc.


Of course, that’s only useful if you want a text document. You might as well just print the report.

One would assume the object of the exercise was to populate a grid to peform further calcs via user-entered formulae. Otherwise there’s no point.

I agree. That is why creating a text document doesn’t seem very useful. The trick is to get the data into a spreadsheet.

But the data IS in a spreadsheet. See my previous post #12.

Here’s the txt file in notepad…

After renaming to .htm and THEN opening with Openoffice calc, here’s the result…

A spreadsheet populated with data text and numbers, ready for the user to do any further calcs they desire. Am I missing something of what the OP was referring to?

Is the final result a true spreadsheet, with numbers, or just text parsed into cells? I don’t have the equipment or software to test that?

It is text. However extra calculations can be easily done without any further formatting.
Here I have added an expenses total using the SUM function.
image .

Further, the file can be saved in CSV or PDF and many other formats. Manager uses TSV which csv is (TSV is Tab separated values and CSV is comma separated values) The OpenOffice Calc suggests the correct delimiters on import, or you can change them if necessary. It’s all WYSIWYG.

So all that suggests the current situation may be very close to being able to copy and paste directly to multiple applications, not just Excel. Users should not have to go through multiple applications and changing of file extensions to get data from a custom report.