How can I relate/group invoices together?

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My job has alot of these: 5 purchase invoices each with different supplier, then a sales invoice

I want to (in the future) see each batch of 6 invoices, I tried divisions and it looks very close to what I need, it works with sales invoices, but doesn’t work when the account in purchase invoice is (inventory on hand).

I just want a way to filter and only see those 6 invoices and see them beside each other for reviewing and seeing if I entered all 6 and didn’t miss one invoice. Maybe a common searchable code/text that I can search for?

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Add a custom field to each invoice?

You mean the description field? I guess that works since it’s searchable

No, I meant add a custom field to the Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices with a unique code to identify the six invoices that belong together

Read this Use custom fields | Manager

You will not be able to see the Sales & Purchase invoices together as they are in different tab

Possibly a Custom Report could show them

Oh that was great :slight_smile: I don’t mind switching tabs