Expense Reports Per Item

We use manager to ran a car hire company and all cars’ expenses are recorded so it is easy to know how much each car maintenance is costing.

Every time we have an expence we record it in manger as below:

In the past before the year was over, In the bank transaction page, I would enter a car registration number in the ‘search’ box and see all cost associated with that particular car because we always enter the registration of the car while recording an expense.

This being our second year of using manager, we are having a problem while tracking individual costs because every time you enter a car it shows you ALL costs even last years costs which we don’t want, we want the ones for the current year.

Is there a way of hiding last years costs and only reflect the current year? Or both, but separately?

Or is there a way of creating an expense report that can show a particular car only?

It would be the same kind of report like the ‘sales report per item’

one way is by exporting data to excel and use the excel’s filter functionality to narrow down to desired view.


@kevin may manipulate or design whatever deem fit for your needs via excel.

viva la ah jib kor - joking

Ok thanks. I was hoping there was a way to get it done on the program.
Sometimes its easier to open it up and just view it other than exporting


your welcome. Currently, if asking for immediate remedy from developer, the chances to implement is slim and slow due to a lot of on-demand features he is developing. That is the reason of having the data easily to be export for everyone’s personal preference of how the report is presented. on the side note, if he has time for it. he will do it.

You could review using Tracking Codes, each vehicle would have its own tracking code (rego) so you could create a P&L per vehicle, which would be both its revenue & expenses. The P&L could just be for the financial year or since the vehicle was purchased.

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