Hosting Manager on Amazon s3 Cloud

Hello, I would like to host manager on Amazon S3 Cloud Running on Amazon Linux AMI. Kindly assist

It’s actually called Amazon EC2, not S3.

But yeah, you can host server edition on Amazon Linux AMI however there are no instructions for it. You’d have to figure out how to install Mono framework, then launch mono ManagerServer.exe to start the server.

It’s better if you run Ubuntu and follow instructions here: Ubuntu | Manager

Buddy.! I recommend you to go for basic knowledge of AWS. You see S3 is just a simple storage which is provided by AWS. It’s the AWS EC2 server that you should be concern of as you will be hosting your manager based application on it.
However, manager only has the basic tutorial that works for every host: @lubos has already provided you with the link.
I hope it works for you. But, if you are still facing any issues then feel free to contact me.