Horizontal Scroll bar

I am using Manager on a system running Ubuntu Bionic Beaver. Despite collapsing the left nav bar I am still forced to use the horizontal scroll bar, usually to return to Update button. I don’t mind this except that the scroll bar appears only a couple of pixels high and so nearly impossible to snag with the cursor. Is there anything I can do in Manager to make it 15 to 20 pixels?


Although “No” maybe the best answer, can you show a picture of what you see in Ubuntu Bionic Beaver. Maybe there is a workaround.

If you’re running the desktop edition, this looks like an operating system issue. If the server or cloud edition, it looks like a browser characteristic. In that case, try a different browser. The point is that Manager does not control window characteristics or appearance, only content within windows.

Desktop edition. Thanks Tut. I figured as much but just needed to be sure before going down that rabbit hole.

From the screenshot above I can tell that you are running a 1024x768 screen resolution. I just downscale my screen resolution to yours, and horizontal scrollbar appeared. So bust-up your screen res a little if you can. If not, probably due to small screen size than that is that.