Hide inventory location from restricted user

Hide Inventory Location from restricted User. Now that we have inventory location feature this is my recommendation to help enhance the feature. As at now, all users (Admins and restricted users) can use any location in their transactions. This is dangerous for managing inventory assets. The ability of one user to issue out or receive into any location created on the system will bring costly errors and risks. Users can easily make changes in the system to make up for physical inventory theft. I mentioned this in the "More clarity under Inventory Items tab"
discussion but thought creating a whole topic for it would be better and will get it categorised properly (under Ideas)

Below are some of the reasons why there should be restrictions on inventory locations.

Virtual Barrier: Ability to hide inventory location from a restricted user will mean a virtual barrier which ensures restricted users can’t touch the inventory in restricted locations on paper. Inventory theft will consequently be difficult because there will have to be periodic physical count and on paper reconciliations. Great power will be in the hands of the Warehouse Manager.

Quick Data entry: In an organisation with many inventory locations, users will scroll through a lot of inventory location always to find the right location to use for transactions. Just restrict the user to the relevant location and that the only location they will see. If possible, if a restricted user is allowed just a location, the allowed location should populate the location field automatically any time they start a transaction, like it happens in many sales points in retails stores. This will enhance the data entry speed.

Accountability: Warehouse managers and maybe retail shop managers will directly be responsible for inventory balance discrepancies because only they have some location privileges.

Limit data entry Errors: wrongful entry of location will be checked. Restricted users will be limited to only the relevant location limiting the chances of wrongly selecting a location

Different categories of inventory: In my organisation for example, we have 3 different stores/locations.
Location 1 is where we keep our office consumable like printer cartridges, Print papers, canned drinks, stationery of all types, etc.
Location 2 is where we keep cleaning items and chemicals for upkeep of the office, cars etc. We also keep car maintenance chemicals and other car and machinery spare parts.
Location 3 is where we keep food items: we often do training programs and we serve food and other eatables. So items like rice bags, gallons of oil, etc. in large quantities are kept there.
Now this segregation is for safety reasons. We can’t keep chemicals with food items.

We have officers who monitor the levels of these items and they don’t need to see all the locations if they are making data entry, it just bring errors sometimes. I need to restrict each officer to their relevant locations.

@lubos thoughts?

Guys your thoughts?


me gusta! :grinning:

I wouldn’t know how to implement all this without introducing complexity which would discourage most people to take advantage of this.

So let’s take a step back and just think of one enhancement, not 5 or 6 at the same time.


@lubos noted

The ability to restrict inventory location per user as we have it with cash and bank account would be a very great step towards improving the security of manager. I have many prospective clients that are ready to move from E-count if we had this feature. abeiku has clearly explained the great benefits of this feature and i thing it could be explored since the feature works with bank and cash accounts.

Dear Lubos,

Manager needs user restriction for specific inventory location, it can be simple as restriction for cash account which admin can select which location allowed for which user.

Many clients want this feature.

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