Inactive accounts showing when drilling down from Summary

Possible bug, inconvenience anyway.

Just downloaded the latest desktop version 19-9-6.

When I drill down onto bank balances from the Summary I see ALL my bank accounts, even the ones that I have marked as Inactive. I really don’t want to see all the closed accounts.


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I’ve moved this to the bugs category.

In a roundabout way, this is related to another discussion ongoing about zero-balance customer and supplier subaccounts showing when drilling down on Accounts receivable/payable. Some of the concern on that issue (though probably not all) could have been alleviated if customers and suppliers designated as inactive did not show.

I don’t see how this is a bug. Inactive accounts have transactions too. Making bank account inactive doesn’t remove it from Bank Accounts tab either. Perhaps we could calibrate the sorting further to show inactive accounts in gray and put them at the end (just like it’s done under tabs)

I think moving inactive everything to the bottom everywhere makes sense:

  • Does not get the way of routine use
  • Available if you need it
  • Consistent behavior throughout the program

Is this a bug? No, there is nothing wrong or incorrect. But…

Before my latest update I used to see:
Summary: Drill down on Banks: Only ACTIVE bank accounts shown
Bank Accounts tab: All bank accounts with custom fields and Actual Balnce etc. Inactive bank accounts shown greyed out

This was useful for me as I have a number of fixed term bank savings accounts that have matured and which have been closed. Making them inactive once the balance was zero dropped them from the Summary but still showed them greyed out (and “closed” as far as I was concerned) in the Bank Accounts tab. Additionally, as the default sequence for tha Bank Accounts tab is Code order, I edited the code of the closed bank accounts so that they appear at the bottom of the Bank Accounts tab list as well as being greyed out.

This all worked well for me.

Since the latest update the Banks in the Summary appear in Alphabetic order by default, Code is not shown and Inactive accounts are not greyed out. Seeing my “closed” bank accounts in the Summary is currently an inconvenience that will become an annoyance in the near future.

I hope there is a way to drop “closed” bank accounts from the Summary.


Another bank savings account has matured and closed. I now have a long list of accounts with zero balances.

Any chance we could have the Code visible and sortable?

I could then closed ones to the bottom of the list.

@Alan1351, it strikes me that recording certificates of deposit (or fixed term bank savings accounts, as you call them) as bank accounts is questionable practice. Note, I do not say incorrect. But bank accounts in Manager are designed for deposits and withdrawals; they accommodate pending transactions; and they can be reconciled periodically.

A fixed term deposit might better be handled using special accounts. You could set up a control account with an appropriate title, in the Assets group. You buy (or make your initial deposit), occasionally record interest, and close them when mature. They are not as liquid as regular, demand deposit accounts and would not normally be categorized as current assets, but as longer term assets. Something for consideration.

That’s an idea. I’ll give it a try.

[An hour later] That worked nicely. Thank’s for the advice.

Do you use payments and receipts for this? If so do you have to setup a customer and supplier (Cr Fixed Deposit and Dr Fixed Deposit)?

You would use a payment if you use this approach, as you are buying the certificate of deposit.

No, because you are doing nothing on credit. The purchase would be a cash transaction.

OK thanks, got it working, is indeed better than using bank accounts and easy to monitor and clear.